Due dilligence of issuers and investors. 'Know your customer,' 'anti-money launering' and 'suitability' determinaition. Cash transactiosn, custody, and settlement. Collection of success-based fees (commmissions). Stock clearing and registry services. Account maintenance, statements, and reporting.
What crowdclear Does

The CrowdClear Mission:

CrowdClear delivers technology, services and expertise to funding portals to facilitate capital raising between investors and issuers.

CrowdClear provides:
  • A scalable platform that empowers funding portals to raise capital for entrepreneurs.
  • Regulatory services specifically tailored to meet the needs of technology-driven funding portals.


  • Ability to support multiple forms of capital investment Private placements Reg A, Reg. D and Equity crowdfunding (upon SEC approval)
  • Scalable platform with automated workflows
  • Provide access to relevant market data
  • Provide investor statements and reporting